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My name is Koliah and I was born on Oahu in Wahiawa, but soon moved to the Big Island where I was raised in the country on a 3 acre ranch! I grew up in a small town but soon came to realize that there was more out there in the world. I started my first job ever at a surf shop in Haleiwa and learned every trick to that trade. My first business I ever worked for, later after leaving after 5 years I came to realize that this one shop was grossing close to $500,000 a month. That this business had strong systems in place and massive results. This business is actually the oldest surf shop in Hawaii and was opened in 1965.. Surf N Sea. But, that was my first business where I learned how to do just about everything within the business but didn't own it :) I needed more money.. and so the rat race continued.. I started working as an apprentice electrician on commercial buildings on the island of Oahu. I learned from so many great journeyman and I took as many things I liked about how they worked and implemented it into my daily 40-60 hour weeks.
 In the trades you want to be smart, efficient, and calculated. This is what will help you get the better output on projects. The good guys last in the trade. They make a great middle class wage in Hawaii and touch just about $120,000-$160,000 a year. Anywhere from $75-85 an hour on specific projects if you work a prevailing wage non-union job.. That's all good and all but I know the real rat race lies in the assets and liabilities you create for yourself. I say create because I personally know so many of them that dug deeper and deeper into the liability column. New trucks, new houses, new tools, new scooter, new everything. All financed on debt. It's too easy when you're middle class. We never think of growing it or multiplying it. Why not? If middle class focused on preforming cash flowing assets like businesses or equity in businesses or properties or syndications it would only be a matter of time to reach real financial freedom.. Maybe they love their job? News flash.. Nobody loves to trade their time for money. At least I don't. I know i'll never get it back. The guys that do it for 30 years didn't find a way to grow to financial freedom.
But, as a younger individual I can learn from that. So I began. I began educating myself about “passive” income. Rental properties, then rental properties came to buying fixer uppers and renovating them. Makes sense.. we were already the guys there on the weekend fixing up EVERYBODY elses houses to make $250 a day. All while building someone elses equity in their home? I don’t want to knock rental properties and I understand the concept. But, all together collecting preforming assets is better than collecting liabilities. But a $300 cashflowing property times 12 months is $3600. I was used to making $2000 in one week and having no car payment, no kids and no real liabilities. I’m also used to changing fans in a house that are worth $300 on top of atleast $200 in labor. Oh, there goes that monthly cashflow! I soon went to higher level networking events with higher income earners and realized they use real estate assets to offset taxes. But that’s another topic.

Now I met the “flashy fix and flippers” but I soon began to realize that it definitely is a business but could easily become a self employed job. But if you could do it correctly I know a handful of them that do a great job at it and net $50,000-100,000 per property and they’re loading up over 10 throughout the year. These are all near 4-10 months projects but man, if you do it correctly. You only need to do 2-3 a year and you’ll far surpass middle class W2 and potentially pay less in taxes if you do it right. So this is what I learned, I already have done renovations on homes so I just continued it. Now I connected with contractors and began to do deals. I locked up my first deal 55% under market value and the following month another one right at 55% again. I told people what I was beginning to do and raised $160,000 to close those deals. Something I never knew I could do. I found a deal and gave someone the opportunity to earn interest on their capital and that’s exactly what I did. Protected investor capital as best as I could and operated and preformed to make sure these were income producing deals. All while meeting new people, networking with more people, learning as much as I could from mentors, helped people with their investing journey and enjoyed every moment of it. That’s what it’s about. Becoming a master connector and helping people along your journey. Now i’m actively building new homes and looking to invest in multi family syndications. I believe we should all work on things and focus on high leverage opportunities.. meaning the amount of work we put in gets returned much greater! I believe real estate as a whole is exactly that. A high leverage opportunity to set you financially free. The community around real estate in every sector that i’ve met has always been helpful and a room of go-givers. That will help us all on our journey. Thanks for visiting my site! I hope to speak with you soon if I don’t already know you!
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