Why I Do It

My main purpose for all of this is for time freedom. Getting to have my time to spend where i'd like. Having a lifestyle to connect and build more relationships with people. Investing in people, eduating them, helping others or simply just having a meaningful talk. The freedom and creativity to work on anything i'm passionate about.. I saw my parents go through this time trap. Trading time for money is a propaganda trap, but what I see is investment freedom can be taught and learned so you can eventually exit that job and have your money you made start to work for you. Investing in real estate has that option for me. It just takes consistency and education along with action. I think anyone can start anywhere and begin investing in real estate and eventually hit the point where you out earn your W2 job. Retiring my parents would be my first big accomplishment. Making sure I have enough cashflow so they don't need to worry about money to sustain their life in their later years.

How would that change your parents life? You let them exit the matrix from your actions and investments. Now don't get me wrong, maybe your parents love their job.. My parents are quite different and don't necessarily have a career.. They had me at a young age and didn't find any extra time to find a career. That's middle class. We definitely didn't get there. What's awesome is they set the foundation for me. They created a spark within me to see first hand what I'd like my life to look like. I do this for my parents and my future kids to have time freedom. So we can cherish positive moments together! Thanks for viewing this site i'm always actively building. I hope to create this as a cloud for accomplishments and projects that are active or completed. We are always working, but on our own terms, ambition and time.
Me and my old co-worker closing with me on my first deal.

Taste of Middle Class

Look at that! I made it in middle class eyes. They want you to stay here.. build liabilities and continue on the hamster wheel. Running until 60 to retire!
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