Why Real Estate

My biased investment toward real estate in biased because I was a former tradesman already working on single family properties, value-adding commercial buildings all at an hourly rate. Now educating myself the real value of equity and what type of equity can be created and pulled out of the asset is so interesting. It's a skill that you can work on can get better at with time. Repeated daily action. I love real estate. I love seeing it, talking about it, ugly houses, ugly buildings, everything. I see massive opportunity.
I see lots of land and see what can be created. I see places I pass by when their was nothing built there before. It's amazing. Real estate gives a safe and better return on investment than the stock market and a consistent compounded investment can 10x. The best real estate investments come from the best teams and operators. You are investing in people's performance. I have tried multiple different ways to invest but I find real estate my favorite. Meeting people that are just as passionate as me is probably apart of the addiction. Like minds, powerful networks, people connecting with the same people as you and building relationships with your partners and real estate investor friends builds a great community. This industry is so welcoming to go givers and awesome people. Projects can yield and beat out W2 incomes easily with the right people. Leverage in real estate is real. A real tangible asset that can pay you. I'll purchase property every year for the rest of my life.
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